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Sexy Booty Boot Camp is a fitness movement! A movement to bring simple science based concepts back to the main stream spotlight. Fitness has become so complicated with conflicting information from ‘gurus’ and the media pushing fad diets and the next best exercise device.

Sexy Booty Boot Camp is a workout regime that educates its followers on simple food concepts and movements that focus on injury prevent, performance and SIMPLICITY. Your fitness journey should not be all consuming or take you away from time with family and friends.

Your fitness journey should ENHANCE life not control it. We want a strong well fed body that allows us to enjoy life and the people in it! Make memories, live life and learn how to make small smart choices that will benefit your health immensely! First being, connect with us on social media and youtube.



It’s true we offer plenty of free motivation, tips and information; but more than that – WE ARE A WORKOUT PROGRAM THAT YOU CAN DO AT HOME AND ACTUALLY GET RESULTS! Our workout series will walk you through basic strength moves that can be performed at home, in a hotel room or in your in-laws guest bedroom! Our program can be started as a beginner, advanced or somewhere in between; it offers modifications for all skill levels; taking it up a level or down a level.

Sexy Booty Boot Camp will provide you will results that will last and keep you injury free, through exercise progression that offers injury prevent, muscle balance and a firm body!

Our straight forward, real talk sets us apart – we are a workout program for REAL PEOPLE WITH REAL LIVES and not 5 hours to spend at the gym or meal prepping. Our exercise program is accompanied by simple to follow flexible eating concepts; focusing on the concept that there is NO bad food. That everything can be enjoyed in moderation and with knowledge!!! We want to educate you so you can take control of your food, your health and your life! Come SWEAT with us and change your perspective on fitness forever!!

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